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Learn about the medicinal & edible plants of the Pacific NW! (Spots limited)

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Our herbal article on Chaga Mushroom was featured on HerbRally! Check it out HERE


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Tania Hays

I love teaching and helping people rediscover their relationship to nature and their innate healing capacity.

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Chaga Mushroom | The Perfect Autumn Adaptogen | Free Herbal Monograph

– Chaga Mushroom – This article was featured in HerbRally’s herbal monographs selection Unique, mysterious and generous, Chaga is one of my favorite medicinal mushrooms to work with. Especially through Autumn and winter, I love adding this gentle yet powerfully supportive mushroom into my daily routine. The flavor is fairly neutral with a hint of …

Autumn abundance & heart health | Learn about Hawthorn berries + A SYRUP RECIPE

“Don’t eat random red berries!” One of my first lessons in wild edibles as a kid. Years later and I have thankfully befriended at at least a few random red berries and confidently enjoyed their fruit. Hawthorn grows abundantly in Europe, Asian and North America. There are many varieties found just in the Pacific NW …