How We Stay Sustainable


“This takes time, as all worthwhile things do. You are establishing a deep intimacy with another living being. One that has a life as important to it as yours is to you. One that has a history, ancestors who have shaped the life you see now in this one moment of time. One that has hopes and dreams, purposeful existence. One that has other friends, offspring about whom it cares, troubles with  which it must struggle each day.”
By Steven Buhner’s The Secret Teaching of Plants

As popularity of natural healing paradigms become more popular, so to do new and exotic herbs come into popularity. We know how fun it is to learn all about a mysterious, wild herb that is found deep in a cliff valley half way across the world, especially when it is renowned by that locals inhabitants as a magical cure-all!

When we see areas as ecosystems though, then we see that our own bio-regions, organic farms included, offers a plethora of it’s own magical and powerful herbs. These herbs are very often more suited to the health concerns of that regions inhabitants, and allow us to access that deep healing while also rising to our important role as good stewards to the land. We always source Organically with the exception of a small handful of Ethically Wild-Harvested herbs. As we grow we will be transitioning to Organic Only because we know that too many plants are becoming endangered and that even responsible harvesting cannot supply the amount of herbs that are being sought out. We see how much this Earth provides for us, and will not sacrifice our values to provide our goods to you!

We know that the power in the medicine comes from quality ingredients, skillful formulation and revering the health of the whole ecosystem (that included you)!

Besides Organic sourcing our packaging includes only Eco-friendly compostable plastic bags, recyclable tins, recycled paper and minimal, recyclable packaging!


– Mossy Tonic Team


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