October 13th, 2019 | Free Herbalism Project in Eugene, OR | “An interactive community event with botanically inspired lectures from experts in the field, live music, community, and plenty of organic herbal tea—all free of charge!”

October 15th, 2019 | Clinic Theater! Digestion | At the Herb Shoppe in Portland, OR. “On understanding your digestive concerns and understand how an herbalist can help you at our Community Clinic!”

October 27th, 2019 | Mount Pisgah Mushroom Festival in Eugene, OR | With Lane Community College and the Cascade Mycological Society. Hundreds of local mushroom species on display, live music, nature walks, scarecrow contest, a plant sale and more!

November 21st, 2019 | Plant Provings!  Flavors of Herbal Actions | At the Herb Shoppe in Portland. “…Think of this class as one would a wine or beer tasting, but we are going much deeper. We will be checking in with our own vitality.”


Check out our classes here!


September 21st-22nd, 2019 | United Plant Savers 25th Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation Grand Opening in Rutland, Ohio | Celebrate the grand opening of the Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation, with keynote talks by Rosemary Gladstar and Steven Foster.

October 4th-5th, 2019 | Herb Harbest Fall Festival in Mountain View, AR | Celebrating the Herbs, Foods, and Folkways of the Northern United States. By Ozark Folk Center State Park.

October 5th, 2019 |Wild Mushroom Walk in  Laconia, NH | “Join us for a wild mushroom foray in the woods of Prescott Farm!  Collect wild mushrooms, learn what features to look at when beginning to identify wild mushrooms…”

October 10th-14th, 2019 | 30th Annual AHG Symposium in Bethesda, Maryland | The American Herbalists Guild is thrilled to present From Plants to People: The Art and Science of Clinical Herbalism. 

November 17th, 2019 | Herbs, Vitalism & Holistic Immunity in Oxford, MI | Join herbalist Jim McDonald in a discussion of the herbs traditionally used to improve immune function by nourishing and supporting the body’s defenses rather than suppressing and diffusing them, or by simply “killing bacteria/viruses”.





Vital Ways | Herbal School located in NE Portland, OR

Arctos SchoolHerbal Immersion Program & Herbal Foundations Program 

The School of Forest Medicine | “Our classes and courses interweave direct spiritual experience with practical, hands-on participatory work. We offer you the opportunity to find and connect with your plant allies and to remember your living bond with the elemental forces of nature.” Class locations vary

Herbalism Professional Series | At Portland Community College


Online Classes, Written Documents, Video Recordings | By Jim Mcdonald 

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism | Founded by Paul Bergner

The Science and Art of Herbalism Online Course | By Rosemary Gladstar




The Way of Herbs by Micheal Tierra | Explanation of the Traditional Western Herbalism Paradigm.

Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast by Andrew MacKinnon and Jim Pojar | Great to bring on hikes in the Pacific NW for plant identification 

The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism by Matthew Wood | As the title implies, this book is a good intro to the Energetics system which is present in Traditional Western Herbalism 

Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants by Scott Kloos | Great book for identification (with photos), ethical wild harvesting information and uses of 120 wild herbs that grow in the Pacific Northwest. 

The Book of Herbal Wisdom by Mathew Wood | In depth book filled with personal anecdotes from years in his practice, Wood also touches on Native American shamanic botany and homeopathy.




Our Articles located here | Of course! | A fairly random and rich selection of herbal information by Jim Mcdonald, a well known herbalist located in the N.E. corner of the U.S.

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism Blog | In depth articles about Herbs and Nutrition.

Herbal Radio by Mountain Rose Herbs | This community resource is a collection of curated lectures from some of our generation’s most esteemed herbalists.

Native PNW Plants. Find, grow and learn about Native Pacific NW Plants | Portland Nursery offers knowledge about supporting native ecosystems. 


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