TRILOGY Mushroom Blend

This adaptogenic blend features Chaga, Maitake and Reishi Mushrooms.



LOCAL | At Home Grown Apothecary in Portland, OR *Note, HGA is temporarily under construction*


Mushrooms have been revered as herbs of “immortality” in every culture that has medicinal mushrooms. These mysterious fungal allies are unique in how they help balance our immune system- strengthening without being overstimulating (which can aggravate autoimmunity).

With regular use, the adaptogenic quality of medicinal mushrooms also helps to shake off lethargy, and improve energy and endurance. When our immune system and vitality are in balance we can feel at home in our body  and open up to enjoy this life.

We double extract our mushroom tincture to ensure thorough extraction of the medicinal components.

Ingredients : *Cane Alcohol, Water, *Chaga Mushroom, *Reishi Mushroom and *Maitake Mushroom. *Organic


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