Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

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Organic, Potent and Delicious Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blends

Made Locally in Portland, OR

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LOCAL | Homegrown Apothecary in Portland, OR

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We use only Organic and Ethically Wild-harvested Herbs to create our small batch Loose Leaf Herbal Tea.

Loose leaf means less packaging, less waste, and none of whatever questionable materials are commonly used in bagged tea. Enjoy fresher herbs, bold flavor and the cost-effectiveness that comes along with loose tea.

And, the feeling of brewing a batch of loose leaf tea in your own teapot, especially the aesthetically lovey glass ones, is an entire experience that that the soothes the senses.

Sustainability Update:

March 3rd, 2020 | We have just released our loose leaf teas in their new 100% Compostable packaging! These new brown bags are made with 40% recycled material, contain 25% post-consumer waste, and are lined with a plant based polymer to keep our teas fresh.


Our Six Unique Blends



LIMBER | Inflammation soothing blend featuring Turmeric Root and Dogwood Bark

MELLOW MINT | Classic, relaxing blend featuring Lavender Flowers and and Peppermint Leaves

NETTLES PLUS | Seasonal support for allergies featuring Spring Nettle Leaves and Turmeric

SEXY | Sensual blend featuring aphrodisiac Damiana Leaf and Passionflower

SUNSHINE | Brighten up your day with St.Johns wort, Lemon Balm and more!

SPRING CLEANING | Body- decluttering blend featuring Dandelion, Burdock and Chicory Root in a aromatic base of Lemon Verbena 

1 review for Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

  1. Rianne D.

    Potent and I feel the difference. The herbs also look nice and vibrant

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