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Simple, All Natural and Hydrating mist featuring pure Hydroessential Rose

Soothe, Hydrate and Refresh
Vegan | Never tested on animals | Made with Organic Ingredients
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Real Roses are the secret.
Ideal for dry, combination and blemish-prone skin. 3-in-1 holistic skincare: to tone, cleanse and gently moisturize!
Made with love in Oregon


FRESH FACE MIST | Simple, All Natural and Hydrating mist featuring pure Hydroessential Rose

Soothe, Hydrate and Refresh
Rose water is a ancient, beautifully aromatic beauty ally.
Hydroessential oil (aka Rose Water) is created during the process of turning hundreds of rose petals into rose essential oil. This water, which becomes separated from the rose oil, is infused with that heavenly rose aroma.
Rose | hydrating, tonifying, uplifting
This gently tonifying and mildly moisturizing mist his is ideal for dry, combination, sensitive and blemish-prone skin.
Beyond the enjoyable aesthetics of dewy, soft skin, rose water actually soothes and help heal skin irritation and reduce blemishes.
Ditch your drying toner and try this gentle yet deeply nourishing elixir.  As a 3-in-1 botanical skin care treasure, Fresh Face Mist acts as a toner, easy cleaner-replacement and subtle moisturizer.

– Directions –

As a toner

Simply spray directly unto your face or into a cotton pad after cleansing or throughout the day for a refresher.

As a cleanser replacement

While recommend you still use a cleanser for your face at least a couple times each week (and more if you were make-up), in a pinch or at the end of a busy day, a good simple 4-5 sprays will do the trick. Pat your face gently to distribute (with clean hands) and let air dry.

As a moisturizer

Perfect for oily skin, and this may be all you need. For those with combo-to-dry skin it’s highly recommended to add you favorite serum, oil or moisturizer on after using Fresh Face to seal in that moisture even more. Check out our own SOFT FACE Serum here!

Additional uses

Use as desired on your body, face and hair to experience the elation of being in a rose garden and adding a bit of refreshing, dewy moisture.


Organic Rosa damascena hydrosol
(Rose water aka hydroessential Rose)
No artificial ingredients | No Fillers | Non-Comedogenic | Cruelty Free

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120ml, 30ml

5 reviews for FRESH FACE Mist

  1. Kassie Kry

    i wear mine 24/7

  2. Deshawn Lebario

    love it! nicely packaged.

  3. Lucinia

    I;ve tried a lot of different hydrosols and this one is just wow, every time. It’s heaven

  4. Annabel Jackson

    SO stoked that there’s finally a bigger size! Thank you!

  5. Jessie Potter

    Heaven in a bottle

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