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Now that the leaves are turning it’s time to get your favorite sweater and mug out.

Our Fire Cider is made with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (yes, with the “mother”) and Raw, Local honey. To this tangy base we add warming and organically grown herbs help kick your immune response in the pants! These stimulating, circulation-promoting and anti-viral herbs come together to add flavor and potency to our Fire Cider formula. 

Ingredients : *Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Local Honey, *Fresh Garlic, *Fresh Ginger, *Cinnamon, *Orange Peel, *Cloves and Cayenne Pepper. *Organic

Suggested Use: Take 1 Tablespoon 1-3 times per day in a bit of cold or hot water at the first feeling of coming down with a cold. Or use daily as a stimulating tonic.

Note: Do not feed honey to infants or babies.


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