Herbal Smoking Blend featuring Yarrow, Mint & Rose

24g in clear top tin

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EXPANSION Herbal Blend of our Smoldering Botanic Line

Organic Herbal Blends can be enjoyed in celebration, ritual, community bonding and when you just want to relax in peace

Herbal blends can be a great tobacco alternative for those wishing to wean off of nicotine products and cigarettes

These blends can be enjoyed alone or with other herbs

Our herbal blends are formulated for flavor and consistency

EXPANSION | Featuring Yarrow, Mint and Roses
Open your lungs, relax your breath and allow your mind to open up. This unique blend features a dynamic pairing of many complementary herbs to produce a beautiful blend.

 Organic herbs: Yarrow, Horehound, Lobelia, Peppermint, Marshmallow, Calamus and Roses. That’s it!

All packaging is recyclable, reusable and all of our
plastic sample-size bags are Eco-Friendly and Compostable! 
Sustainable | Vegan | 95% Plastic Free
Made with Love in the USA (Oregon) by Mossy Tonic
Tags: incense, herbs, ritual, gift, smudge, damiana, skullcap, mullein, lotus
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