1-on-1 Educational Consultation


Chat with our Herbalist Tania Oceana about all things Herbalism!

1.5 hours 

Feel free to contact before purchase to discuss scheduling or the topic, as you may benefit from a referral to a different resource.

*No shipping required (choose the Local Pickup option during checkout)

NOTE: See disclaimer for more information. This is not to be confused with medical advice or services. We are simply providing an educational consultation in a 1-on-1 digital setting. 


If you are interested in diving deeper into herbal topics, you can now chat 1-on-1 with an Herbalist in the comfort of your home!

Tania has been on the herbal path for over a decade, and is a small business owner and major nature nerd in Oregon. She is passionate about teaching others to embrace their connection to nature, healing and themselves.

How to schedule an appointment:

  1. You may inquire about a specific time and date before purchase, or Tania will secure an appointment date and time with you within 48 hours or less after purchase.
  2. A link to the zoom meeting will then be sent to your email.
  3. Optional: to get the most out of your time, you may send Tania a brief written background of what you are curious to learn about so she can look over it before meeting. This prompt will be send via email upon purchase.
  4. At your meeting, show up with your questions, curiosity and an optional cup of tea!

Email | Mossytonic@outlook.com

Stay Green!



This educational consultation is for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. Tania is not a medical professional and the information discussed should not be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or health illness. Please consult with a qualified health care professional before acting on any information presented. Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods, supplements, herb, or lifestyle changes have not been evaluated by medical professionals or the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I, Tania, will not accept responsibility for the actions or consequential results of any action taken by anyone consulted by me. Please contact your own doctor for any health related inquiries or an emergency service in the case of an emergency.


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