Hello World!

Welcome Plant Lovers!
If you are interested in learning about all things Herbalism, then stick around!

We will be diving into the mysterious world of herbal actions, food-as-medicine, recipes, traditional uses of herbs, harvesting techniques, herbal applications and so much more! 

As a Herb Nerds ourselves, we at Mossy Tonic know it can be hard to find good quality herbal information our there, and want to help widen the accessibility of natural health philosophies. 

That being said, please note that information in our posts are for educational purposes only and are not intended as a substitution for medical advice!

OK, now get ready to learn!

-Mossy Tonic Team 


  1. It’s taken a hot minute to find a good skincare brand that is 100%vegan but I’m glad I stuck to…

  2. Silky smooth and Iā€™m pretty surprised that my super sensitive skin loved this

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