Herbalist Tania Oceana

“I believe in supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms and being good stewards to the Earth.” – Tania Oceana

Mossy Tonic was founded by Tania, a Portland area Herbalist with a passion for sustainability, health and learning about the beautiful plants in the Pacific NW region she grew up in.

Tania has more than a decade of botanical exploration under her belt and a background in Traditional Western Herbalism. She has more than six years experience as a Community Herbalist in Portland, OR and has recently opened up consultations to 1-on-1 online meetings. She also hosts local herbs walks , classes and just released a new course about Holistic Health for clear skin!

We are proud to have our values rooted firmly in the ethical sourcing of herbs and to be 98% plastic free as of January, 2022!

We are a small women owned & operated business in Portland, OR.

How We Stay Sustainable

We are firmly dedicated to Ethical harvesting practices

Photo | Cascade Mountains in Oregon, looking from Mt. Hood towards the gorge by Tania Oceana

While the popularity of natural healing paradigms increased, so too has “new and exotic” herbs come into popularity. We know how fun it is to learn all about a mysterious, wild herb that is found deep in a cliff valley halfway across the world; especially when it is renowned by the local inhabitants as a magical cure-all!

“This takes time, as all worthwhile things do. You are establishing a deep intimacy with another living being. One that has a life as important to it as yours is to you. That has a history…One that has other friends, offspring about whom it cares, troubles with  which it must struggle each day.” By Steven Buhner’s The Secret Teaching of Plants

However, if we can see areas as ecosystems, then we see that our own bio-regions (organic farms included) offer a plethora of their own magical and powerful herbs.

These herbs are very often more suited to the health concerns of the inhabitants of that region, and allow us to access that deep healing while also rising to our important role as good stewards to the land. This is why we teach about local and abundant plants, as well as cultivation tips. Learn about how to ethically harvest and forage and why sometimes your local weeds are your best allies!

– More about Classes and Herb Walks –

Education is a life-long adventure, so we are adjusting to these changing times by working on more CLASSES AND HERB WALKS both online and socially distanced outside in the Portland Metro area. Highlights will include local plant identification, traditional uses for herbs, food-as-medicine and hands-on information about how to make your own herbal goodies. Click Here for more Information!

– More About Tania –

Tania Oceana | Traditional Western Herbalist

“Born and raised in Oregon, I’ve always felt a curiosity towards trees, weeds, vines and flowers. Being in a forest, in the rain, near a river, all made me feel calm and connected to something larger than myself.

Around age 19, I developed some health issues and felt that my allopathic (conventional) treatment was lacking. I felt like there had to be something more, so I went in search of something beyond pharmaceuticals (which do have their time and place). I visited various Holistic doctors, changed my diet and started to read books about local herbs that are medicinal. When I started to feel healthier I knew I wanted to learn more. I read more books and when I realized there was a framework beyond these pieces of information, I enrolled in a local herb school in Portland.

There, at Vital Ways, I spent the next two years learning the larger paradigm of herbal healing and it’s interconnectedness with diet, nutrition, mindset and environment (i.e. Holistic health). Afterwards I started working in a local apothecary, selling herbs and creating my own formulations. For the next five years I honed my skills there, experimented on myself and communicated with the community, obtaining valuable  feedback.

Now, come 2021,  I mostly do educational herb walks locally (identifying and discussing the edible, medicinal and poisonous plants), as well as share my love and knowledge for herbal medicine online (especially this year!). The path of an Herbalist is a lifelong journey, and I’m still just as excited to learn and connect even deeper with the many, many beautiful plant teachers and curious people who want to relearn to trust nature and their own healing capacity.

– Stay Green!”

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